The GSR has the job of linking  the AA group with AA as a whole (see the Service Manual “The Group and Its GSR” pg S25 2008/2009 edition) The GSR is expected to attend the Group’s business meetings, is listed as the mail contact for their group with GSO and should share with their Groups all mail from GSO. The GSR works to stimulate interest in General Service and encourage Home Group Members to become involved. He/she should practice and inform the group of the principle of rotation. The GSR has the responsibility of representing the group at District and Area functions. In most cases, this requires the GSR to report his/her Group’s conscience based on the information discussion of the issue. In other cases, usually minor business issues known as housekeeping issues, GSR’s make decisions based on their knowledge of the group’s will. The GSR also brings information regarding service to the group. Each GSR attends the Western Washington Area assembly to vote her/his group’s conscience on Area Business.

The Alternate GSR fulfills the duties and responsibilities of the GSR in the event the GSR is unavailable, resigns or is unable to serve for any reason. District 37 expects the Alternate GSR to attend the GSR Group’s business meetings and the District meeting and be prepared to vote his/her Group’ conscience on District issues.

District 37 GSR meetings are held monthly, usually the 4th Tuesday of the month, 7 PM, at the Intergroup Office, 2203 Fairmont Ave, Vancouver, WA.  To view our upcoming meetings go to the calendar in the menu bar.

Ti view our District 37 Handbook please click here.

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