District 37 Elected Trusted Servant positions:

Elections of DCM, Alt-DCM, Treasurer, Secretary, and Registrar are held in September of even numbered years and serve two-year rotations, which begins in January of the following odd numbered year. This rotation time frame coincides with that for the Western Washington Area 72 Trusted Servants.

All Standing Committee Chairs will be elected in October of even numbered years and serve two-year rotations which begins in January of the following odd numbered year.

A special election will be held to fill any vacancies that may occur during the normal two-year period of rotation, The term of any position filled in this manner will finish the period the period of time left in that rotation.

Elected Trusted Servant positions: (if you see that a position is labeled as ‘Filled’, and have questions or would like help, please contact the Trusted Servant directly; click here to go to contacts page. If you see a position labeled as ‘Open’, please contact the DCM or Alt DCM if you have questions about the position).   For position descriptions, go to the Menu bar and click on ‘Service Opportunities’ and under that ‘Committees’.       

DCM:                                  Filled

Alt DCM:                            Filled

Registrar:                           Open Position

Treasurer:                          Filled

Recording Secretary:       Filled

Standing Committee Chair & Alternate Positions:                                      

Accessibility:                         Open Position

Archives:                               Open Position

CPC/PI:                                  Chair & Alternate filled

Corrections:                          Chair &Alternate filled

Grapevine & Literature:     Open Position

Young Person’s:                    Open Position

Treatment:                             Chair filled, Alternate open

Web:                                        Chair filled, Alternate open

Committees welcome attendance from any member of AA willing to participate. Please contact the committee chair directly from the Contacts page.

Elections are held in Q4 of even numbered years, or when a position is/becomes open – please contact our DCM if you are interested in submitting your name to fill a position.  You can contact our DCM at