About Dist 37

About the District 37 Southwest Washington Website 

Welcome to our District 37 website.  In addition to providing information to all those with a desire to learn about our program of recovery, our website also includes resource material for our district Officers and Committee Chairs.  If you have any website questions or suggestions, please contact the District Web Chair at dist37web@area72aa.org.  Additional District 37 Trusteed Servant contact info can be found here.

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District 37 (SW Washington) Geography

District 37 consists of all meetings in Vancouver WA, north of 4th Plain Blvd., including Woodland.  District 37 is part of Western Washington Area 72, Pacific Region, within the service structure of AA.  Our mailing address is PO Box 5566, Vancouver WA, 98668.

GSRs & District 37 GSR Meeting
The General Service Representatives (GSRs) are the link in the chain of communications between each Group and the AA General Service Conference. The ultimate authority in AA is expressed through each Group’s Conscience.

The General Service Representative (GSR) has the responsibility of representing their AA home group at District and Area functions.

As trusted servants, the GSR’s role is to bring information to their Groups so they can reach an informed Group Conscience.  In sharing the Group’s Conscience, the GSRs are helping to maintain the unity and strength so vital to our fellowship. Therefore, let us have the patience and tolerance to listen while others share, courage to speak up when we have something to contribute, and wisdom to do what is right for our groups and AA as a whole.

Click here to view District 37 GSR Meeting Minutes, and Treasurer’s Reports.


District and General AA Resource Literature:  (Printing a single copy of this item is permitted, in accordance with the A.A. World Services, Inc. https://aa.org/pages/en_US/content-use-policy)

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