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Changes to Your Meeting Schedule:
To add, remove, or change your District 7 or District 37 meeting information on the Vancouver Intergroup Meeting Schedule, please send an email to  Please include your contact info in case the Intergroup Office Manager needs additional information to update the schedule.

Click here to view instructions on how to download the AA Meeting Guide App for Android and iPhone.

Links to AA meetings (virtual, in person, and hybrid):

  • Click here to view Vancouver Area meetings.
  • Click here to view Virtual Meetings in Area 72, Around the Country, and Around the World.
  • Click here to View ‘Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous.’

Guides for effectively hosting virtual and hybrid meetings:

  • Click here to view ‘Area 72 ZOOM SECURITY GUIDE.’
  • Click here to view NYC Intergroup ‘Zoom Security – Hosting Meetings From One Account With Multiple Chair-People’.
  • Click here to view NYC Intergroup ‘Important Considerations Before Reopening Physical Meetings’.
  • Click here to view Greater Seattle Area Intergroup’s ‘Reopening Our Meetings’ page.
  • Click here to view NYC Intergroup ‘Toolkit for Handling Unwanted Meeting Disruptions’.
  • Click here to view YouTube ‘How To’ videos on setting up a hybrid meeting (not AA authorized material but hopefully helpful).