3.0.5 Corrections Facilities Committee Chairperson(CF)

The Corrections Committee Chairperson will hold a committee meeting each month on the designated standing committee night as determined by the district. The Chair represents District 37 on the WWA Corrections Facilities Committee and is expected to attend that committee’s four quarterly meetings. She/he is also expected to attend the District Business Meeting, and report on the committee’s corrections related activities. The CF chair must be knowledgeable of the various facility clearance requirements and is available to assist group members in securing and completing the necessary paper work for facility access. The CF chair also encourages AA members’ participations in the Corrections Bridge program and the Corrections Correspondence Program.

  • Appoint a “Pink Can” fund Coordinator. Responsibilities for collection, accounting and reporting to the District 37 “Pink Can” fund for specific donations for corrections literature. The reports should be submitted to District 37  GSRs for monthly review at the Districts meetings.
  • The Bridge Program – Bridging Corrections is a program thru Alcoholics Anonymous to help people leaving a correctional facility become acquainted with A.A. and attend A.A. meetings in their home town, after they are released.


Corrections Literature Resources:  (Printing a single copy of this item is permitted, in accordance with the A.A. World Services, Inc.

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