3.0.1 Committee Meetings

The District 37 Standing Committees will meet regularly as needed. The time and location will be published for access by any interested district member on the web and printed schedule. The purpose of these meeting are to facilitate the involvement of new volunteers to district service work, coordinate service work, hold workshops and training sessions, communicate needs or special considerations to the District 37 Committee members.

 3.0.2 Appointment of Alternate Committee Chairs

Each chairperson may appoint alternate committee chairs for the District Committees with a vote of confidence from GSRs at the next District Business Meeting. In the absence of the chairperson the alternate chair will be reimbursed for attending Quarterlies’ the same as the committee chairperson. Alternate committee chairs are expected to take the place of the committee chair as requested by the chair, attend the District Business Meeting and report in the absence of the committee chair.




Cooperation w Professional Community/Public Information (CPC/PI)

Grapevine & Literature

Treatment Facilities/Bridging The Gap

Complete committee descriptions can be found: DISTRICT 37 HANDBOOK FINAL