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Elected Officials: (if no contact info provided send email to web manager who will forward to officer or committee chair). All Officer and Committee Chair positions below for District 37 will expire at the end of 2020.  Please pray and talk with your AA sponsor and friends to consider volunteering for these important 2-year commitments.  If you have questions about the position(s) feel free to contact the Officer or Committee Chair directly via emails below or the web manager who will get your email to the appropriate person.

DCM:  Joyce K

Alt DCM:  Kate P

Registrar:  Sonny W,

Treasurer:  Lauren M,

Recording Secretary:  Tim H,

Committee Chairs:

Access: Open position

Archives: Open position

Corrections: Alizz

CPC/PI:  Mike M,

Grapevine & Lit:  Sarah P,

Treatment:  Matt A,, Matt can use some helpers with going into treatment centers.  Please contact Matt via email if you can be of service.

Web – John L: